What is your major?

A Little About Me

Hello class! My name is Nataly Nuno. I am 22 years young. I am currently a babysitter in Beverly Hills/Brentwood/Hollywood Hills area. I have always enjoyed working with children, but I am not seeking a career dealing with kids. Right out of high school I was accepted to the University of California Riverside, I was majoring in Biological sciences, but found it to be extremely stressful. I was confused on what I wanted to major until I came across Finance. I have always wanted a career that deals with everyday life. I was no longer able to continue at UC Riverside due to financial reasons. This would be my second year at Valley College and hoping to transfer to CSUN for Fall 2013. Since attending Valley College I have realized that I have taken a liking to Math and found to be quite good. Dealing with numbers has become something that I enjoy. I have no passion for art but I do enjoy music and fashion. I am willing to try new things and adventures. I enjoy traveling. My destinations include different cities in Spain and Mexico, Chicago, Indiana and Las Vegas. Once I have received my bachelors I want to take a road trip across the U.S. or backpack through Europe. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you in person and through your blogs 🙂